Sometimes it’s good to please your mind, heart, soul and your Appetite together.

But how is all of it possible at one go, either you can access an eye pleasing location, or breathe in the freshness of nature to calm your soul and heart or drive in to the best restaurant for a gastronomically desirous treat to satisfy your appetite.

But imagine if all this was a wholesome package, a Sarva (wholesome) experience.

Welcome to The Cafe at Sarva by Ecorganic–Boutique Farmstays and Experinces, a sustainable farm-to-table cafe that brings to you a range of healthy and distinct cuisines in the ambience of luxury amidst lush greens of Nature.

The Cafe in itself is a deserving getaway, that’s far away from the maddening crowd yet close enough to get back to the lifestyle of the city.

The accessible location is just a 20 minute breath- taking drive from the hustle bustle of the city that will land you in a uniquely balanced terrain of luxuriant tranquillity of Anaikatti and plush facilities of any urban restaurant in the city.

What Makes ‘The Cafe’ so special

The Cafe is conceptualised by renowned food enthusiast and chef, Vishaak Chandrashekran.

The belief of the restaurant is to serve a healthy and sustainable lifestyle based menu that complies with the beauty of the environment and Mother Nature.

Sip into our healthy never heard before combinations of soups, or try our power packed Buddha Bowls, if you are into venturing something new then dig into the Puttu Kadalai or our traditional Biryani but in all this don’t forget to taste our healthy pizzas and Moroccan Chicken.

And if you are wondering what to do apart from eating then think no more, because The Cafe is beyond food.

Engage yourself in shopping some exotic eco friendly products procured from distinct places across India, or soak in the breezy air from the mountains that act a backdrop to the restaurant and if that is not enough then book a cycle tour or trek tour with us post your meal.

And to sum it all For all the time taken to grow and cook food, we want our patrons to spend just a fraction of that time understanding what it is they are eating and to slow down a little to just relish that bite a little more and soak the beauty of the surroundings around you.

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