An unusual event in an Ethereal Farmstay within the city limits of Bangalore

Every weekend, my first-morning activity is to check out The Facebook events section of the happenings around me. One of the most attention drawing events that I ran across was the ‘Unusual Learning’ Event happening in Yelankha at The Courtyard by Ecorganic Boutique Farmstays and Experiences. The promotion stated hands-on learning experience of musical instruments […]

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Planning a perfect weekend getaway?Head off to Deco Villa in the foothills of Western Ghats in Coimbatore.

 Being a gypsy soul has always inspired me to travel to unexplored places and this time I landed up in the foot hills of Western Ghats in Coimbatore. Haven’t heard about it much ?Yes so did I , until I discovered Ecorganic stay at Deco Villa in Coimbatore. What inspired me to travel all the […]

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