Every weekend, my first-morning activity is to check out The Facebook events section of the happenings around me. One of the most attention drawing events that I ran across was the ‘Unusual Learning’ Event happening in Yelankha at The Courtyard by Ecorganic Boutique Farmstays and Experiences.

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The promotion stated hands-on learning experience of musical instruments that I never ever heard of; to name one of the instruments was a didgeridoo.

And that was enough for me to enroll myself for the event that had a night stay included too.

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Well, we started early in the morning from Kormangala to Yelankha, the commute took us less than one and a half hour as it was a weekend that day.

As we were closing towards Yelankha the route became much more greenery, less crowded and felt more like a vacation spot because of the landscaping it hosted.

Passing through some untouched lanes and fields we came entered the rustic gates of a beautiful red-bricked villa that took us back in time and location too.

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It felt nothing like living in the urban city of Bangalore, the architecture of the place and the building style reminded me of a typical farm place in Europe yet with an Indian touch in its interiors and styling.

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As soon as you enter, the place is enveloped by huge trees of various fruits and flowers that tantalize all your senses.

Built on an area space of around 3 acres, the private Bungalow is extremely spacious and surrounded with heavenly fruit orchards that complete the definition of it being the perfect and best villa or Farmstay with an open to sky swimming pool that is equipped with a perfect space to set up a bar table or food counter for that perfect event to conduct in Bangalore.

The entire ambience of the place around is so peaceful and serene that you would want to do nothing but be by yourself and the company around.

Unlike many homestays, this villa isn’t a structure of rooms but with huge open porticos that make natural lighting an obvious trait of the place, its huge balconies, rustic furniture, and a courtyard that connects all the four bedrooms makes this place a haven of bliss and serenity.

Every bedroom has almost two conjoining rooms to itself that makes the place very spacious and distinct.

Though this ancestral villa or farmhouse stay in Bangalore is a 4bhk haven with each room having a different design feel of its own it also has a and a separate annex of 2 bhk to allow you to experience the privacy that you want.

As soon I entered I was welcomed with a tangerine drink, a fruit of the mango family that is procured from the farm itself.

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It had a completely different sour-sweet taste to it and I should say totally organic.

Post the juice, we were all welcomed by our curator, Guru Prasad, who was an avid bird watcher and a great host too and not to forget the super friendly dog, Husky.

Once we all got settled, the event started with a mesmerizing music session conducted by Gali, an Artist from Hampi. The place served apt not just for a family vacation but was also quintessentially built in a manner to conduct curated events.

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With its two huge spacious halls that had perfect acoustics to conduct musical sessions, an audience of 50 people could be easily accommodated in each.

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The night was served perfect with a homely dinner that had all the basics of a good sumptuous

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Unlike the usual wakeup call of the ringing alarms and car honks, this place had natural sounds of the lost birds and their melodies to start your day.

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I followed a quick routine before I could jump into the azure blue pool that overlooks the garden and sheltered by the blue sky.

After an hour of a relaxing swim, I got all ready with walking shoes to take a stroll around the nearby lake and to check my knowledge of birds.

In a span of just 25 minutes we had traced almost 7 different migratory birds. Well, but like they say all good things have to come to an end and has had this trip of mine, at THE Courtyard a farm stay that resonates a personalized resort but stays as curated and unique as your own homestay.

– Ankeet Bafna