Being a gypsy soul has always inspired me to travel to unexplored places and this time I landed up in the foot hills of Western Ghats in Coimbatore.

Haven’t heard about it much ?
Yes so did I , until I discovered Ecorganic stay at Deco Villa in Coimbatore. What inspired me to travel all the way long from Bangalore to Deco Villa in Coimbatore is the Eco and agriculture tourism that the property promotes.Let’s explore this splendid property through my eyes.
Location: Deco Villa is situated in Coimbatore, approx 15 Kms away from the main city.

How To reach:One can reach Coimbatore by air, rail or by road from Bangalore and Chennai.A private cab can be arranged by Ecorganic stay to the villa which hardly takes 25 mins to reach the property.

How To reach:One can reach Coimbatore by air, rail or by road from Bangalore and Chennai.A private cab can be arranged by Ecorganic stay to the villa which hardly takes 25 mins to reach the property.


The journey from the city to the villa is picturesque. On reaching the property I was amazed looking at the vast farms spread across 12 acres of land. We were welcomed by our lovely Hosts Mrs and Mr. Gunasekaran who are the owners of the property.


⦁ The villa has a huge hall with TV and home theater, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a Kitchen. All the rooms are very spacious and clean.It can accommodate up to 10 guests.Extra beds and mattresses can be arranged if required.


⦁ A single night at Deco Villa Eco-Organic stay costs INR 15,000 inclusive of food,local sightseeing,campfire,organic farming and other fun and frolic activities arranged by the host.


⦁ The property has some amazing activities to offer such as Yoga, Campfire, Trekking and organic farming.


Day 1

After freshening up we were served with a delicious homemade breakfast. Undoubtedly this is the best authentic south Indian breakfast I have had till date. Our host Mrs.Gunashekaran made us feel at home and fed us till our stomachs were completely full.


After charging ourselves with wholesome breakfast we planned to take a walk in the vast coconut farms and to our surprise, there were more than 425 coconut trees in the farm which are 30 years old and each tree having a great yield of coconuts.


Deco villa is famous as Deco Flora amongst locals as various variety of plants, trees and flowers are grown in the farms of this property.


Some of the most beautiful flowers such as Lily, rose, hibiscus,sunflower, marigold, jasmine and many more were spread all across the farms.


I came across a unique flower called Artabotrys which is known for it’s peculiar fragrance.
Think of a fruit and then smell this flower. You will definately get the fragrance of the same fruit which you thought about. Isn’t it magical ?? Yes it is, I did experience the same.
Do visit Deco villa if you too want to experience the magical nature.

Artabotrys flower

It was an amazing experience as the theme of the property has been on Ecorganic tourism.One can get an opportunity to experience farming activities by involving oneself.


As part of recreational activity , organic farming was arranged exclusively for me by Mr Gunashekaran(host).We began with deweeding the land and I had the opportunity to till the plot by using the tractor.In about two hours of time almost 6000sq feet of land was made ready for sowing organic vegetables.The weather was also conducive as there were intermittent drizzles and the soil was wet.


From the nursery the saplings of chili, tomato, cabbage, beans, spinach, small onions,marigold were collected and planted by me in the half of the plot and in the rest of the plot I sowed the seeds of cucumber , beans, brinjal,bottlegourd and bitter gourd.


The best part about organic farming is growing fruits and vegetables with no chemicals and fertilizers. Only pure manure is used to get a great yield.I thoroughly enjoyed this activity as it is ideal for agritourism where people do not get an opportunity to have hands-on experience in agriculture.


We headed back to the villa and were served with energizing lunch which was much needed post farming and gardening activities.


I charged up myself after taking a short nap and was eager to explore the other half of the farm so I went for an evening walk and saw that farm is filled with guava, mango, grapes, pomegranate, orange, jackfruit and many more fruit-bearing trees. The fruits that I had been hogging since morning were all plucked from the same trees and no wonder they were so juicy and tasty as they were grown organically.


This spot has got very good landscape in part of the land and also training is given for landscaping and construction of barbecue was explained. In the lawns there is a beautiful cascade.


In the evening we had a campfire dinner in this exquisite privacy.The cascade, bonfire and barbecue kiosk was an ideal outdoor experience which gave peace and serenity and we all joyfully shared the meal. This private luxury can never be experienced elsewhere.


The first day at the villa was gratefully spent and I was curious to know what’s in store for me for the second day.


Day 2

I woke up early, dressed up and started my day with a sumptuous breakfast. The best part about the food that is served daily is that there is no repetition in the menu. Every day and every meal is different and it gives a great kick to one’s taste buds.


Post breakfast I headed off to visit Adiyogi Isha Yoga Center accompanied by the host and they also arranged for the transportation. On the way, I enjoyed watching the scenic beauty of Velliangiri hills, covered with clouds and scattered drizzles.


Mr. Gunashekaran was so kind to accompany and guide me to the Adiyogi center. The center is known for conducting meditation and yoga sessions and people from all over the world visit to experience peace and tranquility.


Next destination was Kovai Kutralam falls which is another 20 minutes drive from the Yoga center. The drive to the falls was breathtaking and an additional add-on was the weather. Due to heavy rains, the road was blocked however I could spot the starting point of the falls.


Post exploring places in and around the property, I came back to the villa, had lunch and spent some time with Mr. and Mrs. Gunasekaran. They mentioned about organic farming, gardening, the kinds of fruits, vegetables, flowers etc and how organically they grow them. Everything that is served on the table is cultivated in the farms and they do not purchase anything from outside or local markets.


Also, I was lucky enough to be greeted by some special guests at the villa. I spotted some peacocks on the farm.


The place is ideal for youngsters, couple, family and senior citizen who wish to have a leisure as well as experience the nature. Being amongst the trees and on the farm, it gives a satisfaction of sustainability.


At any given point of time, there is sowing, irrigating or harvesting but one could also try their hands at milking the cows and sweat out in the farm to feel satisfied for having spent time in an activity which soothes the mind, body, and soul.


As said, Goodbyes are difficult and especially when you get attached to a beautiful place like this. Deco villa is an ideal location to just sit back, relax and get close to nature.
For a man going away from nature has caused an imbalance, this agri-tourist spot and activity helps in rejuvenating one’s spirit and thus realise that human culture has basically evolved from agriculture. The satisfaction of being with plants, crops, trees ,animals ,birds and hills makes one feel complete in the ecosystem.
Do check out the video to know more about the Ecorganic stay.

If you feel like getting close to nature and indulge in some organic recreational activities then do visit Deco villa to get completely lost in the laps of nature.

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