Meeting the Queen of the Hill

First I would like to give you a little introduction to myself. My name is Fabian, 24 years old from Germany and what’s giving my life the most content is to see the world in all it’s beauty. My current trip will hopefully take me around India with all of it’s historic places and scenic landmarks. The plan is to stay for one whole year because of the sheer size of the country. It all started in Cochin, Kerala and took me to some beautiful spots in god’s own country as they would call it. I travelled the southern state for about 7 weeks and absolutely enjoyed it.

The temperatures are quite different to Europe and as much as I like the hot weather I needed a place to cool down for a while. A friend I met along the way told me about Ooty and the Nilgiri District in Tamil Nadu with an elevation of more than 2000 meters above sea level. It seemed to be the perfect place to get away of the constant heat that had taken over India in it’s hottest month of May. The average temperature was between 16 to 25 degrees Celsius. I quickly decided to go there and in the evening I opened my laptop to look for a nice and quiet accommodation.

There was an old heritage bungalow that caught my eye right away. The name was Nova Scotia and had been built in 1857 by the first british settlers of Ooty. I immediately booked a very spacious looking room for myself with breakfast included. When I got there two days later I was very happy that I had decided to take this option from the three properties I was looking at on my research. Nova Scotia lays on top of a small mountain overlooking whole Ooty town. The area is called Mission Hill and I had a phenomenal view over the busy city underneath. Until that I didn’t even know that the bungalow was facing the western hemisphere. The sunset was right in front of my face when I was sitting outside on the front porch sipping on a cup of tea! My caretakers were a lovely local family living in a small house behind the actual building. Scheeba was cooking real authentic indian cuisine with the assistance of her mother and her daughter Jennifer. There were various options of their in-house menu. From south indian kitchen to a continental breakfast and delicious desserts they can make mostly everything to let your heart slowly melt away. Whenever I wanted they supplied me with tea and snacks. The three definitely made the stay even more worth it with their overwhelming kindness. Another amazing complement was the fourth resident of the property. His name was Doobie. A six months old dog that was pretty much the security guard. He stayed in a cage next to the entry of the property but mostly he was running around and trying to get me to play with him, which he usually was very successful with.

The rooms were very charming with a chimney from the old days next to my bed and dark wooden flooring and high ceilings. In total the place made me temporary feel like I was home. It really gave me a strange but good feeling of not wanting to leave. The pleasant lodging gets rounded off with a nice common room equipped with a TV for your desire of watching various movies or sports from around the world as well as some board games like chess and Carrom. Outside, tucked away in the more shady corner of the property is a badminton court and a lovely decorated area for a campfire. A bonfire really let’s you fade away the evening in the most cozy way possible.