Every Friday I wonder what to do on a Saturday, and yes as usual out of answers. When you have clubbed enough, met a lot of people over the weeks have eaten good different cuisines, then what more can you think of doing on a weekend.

Well, probably something adventurously exotic. Anakaittai hills is the closest getaway destination for me from home, whenever the weather changes and spreads the sign of goodness all I need to do is take a drive down to the Elephant mountains or Anaikatti as they say.

There is something very refreshing about these mountains, the smell of the leaves, the green vista, the no human occupied roads, and a threshold of nature’s elements found pristine in every way.

The minute you take a climb on the hill, the vibe just changes, everything is rural yet serene.

My first stop was a small kadai that served fresh sukku coffee, a concoction of dry ginger, coriander powder, and coffee that aids in digestion and cold. A much-needed refreshment to breathe the freshness of the air.

Even though the view around you is of the jungle, the roads are excellent to give that sheer driving pleasure, in no time I crossed the the bridge that divides two states Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

I was now in sholayur, in Kerala and suddenly what you see around you is a lot of lottery ticket stalls that make it prominent to state where you are.

A 15-minute drive more and I reached a blissful property, The Highlands. It was a truly nature’s castle, minimal setup in a maximum jungle retreat.

To add the perfect effect to the place was the natural downpours making the place look fresh as ever while I ran to reach the porch and watch the rains sing new melodies. Around me was all green and a stream flowing by with blooming lotuses to see.

The villa was a cozy cottage with all the basics and the luxurious surrounding of nature around, every room had a picturesque view and all I needed was a brewing coffee to watch the shades of nature transit as time passes by.

As the evening came by, the space in the backyard had a campfire setup that lighted up the dark jungle night and to keep me warm through the cold breeze of the nights. I couldn’t wait for the morning to start to trek and explore around, and as soon I came out of the property what I got to see was an open community gym.

Who can resist health and nature, the equipments worked with your skills and not with electricity, the breather was not the cooling air conditioner but the winds and to what was the best part my spectators with the birds chirping around.

With some little workout and a good trek, you need a power packed breakfast that was ready by the time I came back. The caretaker had made for me a nutritious meal to me going for the day.

After a little relaxation at the property, it was time to go back to the city life, but I must say with this concentrated shot of nature’s best I think I was all energized to state I truly was rejuvenated