We’re bringing handmade hospitality to the world’s greatest cities. And we’re looking for talent to help us build it, evangelise about it, and deliver it to create great experiences.

‘Handmade hospitality’, people ask us, ‘what’s that all about then?’ With a twinkle in our eye, we reply that homes and hospitality go hand in hand – that’s why we designed a service for stays in the finest homes. It’s a business model that’s disrupting the $50bn upscale hospitality market. We started out in London, our home town, before expanding to New York, and then to Paris, Los Angeles, and Rome. Today we’re over 500 pairs of hands working together to make onefinestay the best it can be.

We’re doing something no one has ever done before and there are myriad things we need help with. Whether it’s to take care of our guests and our members (and their homes), sell onefinestay to homeowners and would-be guests, or refine our background operations, we’re setting ourselves the highest standards, scrutinising our processes and generally bending technology to our will.

We’re hiring!

Can you picture yourself bringing handmade hospitality to the world’s greatest cities? We’re looking for people who treat their work as a craft and want to make an impact from the first minute. Are you that special someone? Come. Join us

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