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          Trip is an adventure from which you’ll find solace in the deepest roots of housing and roofing named Cottages. A cottage is your friendly healer from your distressed worries and over-excited enthusiasms.  Ooty is a pleasure that will freeze your nerves, feast your eyes and will whisper in your ears to ‘STAY’ while you actually plan to leave to your abode. ‘One heck of a hill station it is!’ You will definitely hear this statement from all those who have visited the most beautiful hill named Ooty. It’s scenic beauty, the solitariness of the woods, scent of the herbs, slow chattering of the tiny streams that hang around the routes, the sweeping of the mild breeze against your cheeks, Oh, WHAT A BLISS!

Exclaiming the beauty of ‘the Queen of Hills’, a congenial stay is imperative for anyone who visits it for a day or throughout the year. This year is marked as the YEAR OF COTTAGES in Ooty for its multiplication of accommodating facilities in a whole-new setting and infrastructure that’ll make it blissful for the visitors even when they don’t actually sight-see the hill. India as a cap with heterogeneous feathers, demands services to be designed accordingly to conciliate their needs or wants in specific. Let’s now scroll down to discern the different heavens in Ooty.


          The Britishers’ called Ooty as the “Queen of Hills”, for the chillness that’ll run down your nerves as you scroll your eyes all around. This 5 lounge mansion that accommodates 2 adults and 3 kids will captivate your inner-self with the 19th-century classics without withholding any of the contemporary wants you’ll require. Embark great artistry as you turn around and stare at walls which has stories to convey with intricate details. Behold the experience of staying at a colonial mansion with wooden architecture at your service. Sit back and relax as you see the clouds passing as you rewind the passing clouds in your life. Sit around with your mates, light the campfire, and make a swirl under the moonlight with thousands of stars as your inmates. No wonder the Britishers called it the “New Scotland”, while you can actually see just greenery and the thick stems that support such cubes of leaves. Take a leap, go on a trek, explore the woods, go around the streets cycling, dine at our kitchen and rest in our laps.

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          Amidst the wind carrying the scents of tea between Kotagiri and Kodanad, a building with 3 luxury bedrooms along with a bathroom that spreads freshness is discovered, which smuggles you with its aesthetic appearance and experience. People named it CASSIOPEIA. As you wake up every morning you’ll be invited with the morning star and later be accompanied with the tender tea plants as you take a walk. Tea plantations as your fence and comfort as your housing, an aurora of delight and bliss will drench your soul. Carry a bag because it’s not just tea you’ll be carrying down the hill but also a whole lot of memories and appeasement. Fire your camp with energy and run around the hill like a hunter until your legs ache and your heart trembles in fear of skipping a beat. Let your legs wait, hands wave and your head rest under the constellation of the northern stars of the Greek queen who enchanted about her unrivalled beauty, and she was called, CASSIOPEIA.

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       Vue Kotagiri is the passage that leads you to the glory of the Blue Mountains and rests in the laps of Niligirs. Away from all the hustle-bustle, Vue Kotagiri is the perfect infirmary to assist you with crisp mountain air and with numbered scenic beauty that’ll heal your wounds. Roll around the entire arena for your entire vacation and in specific, pay a visit to the Catherine and Elk Falls to wonder how God had such creativity while handling the potter’s wheel with the World placed between his arms. Bolt yourself with nature, cognize life and its explication, understand your purpose, introspect and take chances, make mistakes, learn and accept things to move on with life. Vue Kotagiri is highly envied for its accommodating magnitude. Make a trip and invite 10 of your loved ones to visit Kotagiri as you stay in heaven that has 3 bedrooms with king size beds for the lords, spacious halls for meetings, Pre provisioned kitchens to bring your taste buds back to life, Television for a modernistic approach and bathrooms that offer organic products for purity.

resorts in coonoor



          Do you how it feels to live like the 21st-century man in the regions of the tribal? Along with elephants and deer’s as your comrades? And alongside the turmeric and onion plantation who have crossed a century, living and aspiring to beautify the 40 acres they dwell in? Do you want to know the exact feel? Here’s VUE OOTY who’ll answer all these questions with utmost perfection. Stay modern and enjoy the traditional lifestyle as you stand in the doorstep and watch the curtains of mist open and close, to show how the hills die inside every day and be reborn with the heavenly drizzles. You can have your own Karaikudi Chef in your kitchen at any time. Enjoy your privacy, stay virtually connected even in remote places with WiFi, stay warm with hot tubs, get discounted ski passes and give your sleep some comfort with 2 king-sized beds and 1 queen. Now are you ready to examine the feel?



          In the misty hills of Kotagiri, a paradise awaits people who love to stay in the mountains as they sip their coffee with their friends and take a walk till they feel hunger rushing to their throat. The Nest is the perfect destination for all those who aspire to have a stay so enchanting and mesmorising even while hearing about it. Whenever you feel bored or lonely the tea estates and the dark woods will give you company and trust me, they can be your best companions as they do not share any negativities instead, gift you with positivity that’ll make you witness ecstasy. With solar panels for hot water and organic eatables fresh farm their gardens, a stay at The Nest can be so soothing and healthy. Every morning as the cock sings the alarm, you can come out and share your coffee as you admire the tea estates and try yoga and golf when you feel to move your legs a bit. Photo shoots can be made with the silver oak trees and fresh flowers like you are part of a Hollywood movie. A cosy, vivid and comfortable stay awaits you at THE NEST KOTAGIRI.

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          Colonial Ooty, this heritage is placed in the heart of Coonoor, making the stay very blissful and nature-oriented. As the ancient trees celebrate their 150th birthday, you can pass through it and reach THE COLONIAL OOTY. As you explore the interiors and infrastructure of the heritage, you’ll find well-furnished rooms with complete wooden flooring along with all amenities in the pockets, just to make sure your stay at THE COLONIAL OOTY is as comfortable and exciting as it seems. Open the doors and windows and you don’t have to worry about pollution or disease, all you’ll want to do is to just enjoy the beautiful landscapes and the portrait of scenery it has to offer. In addition, hygienically prepared, appetizing food can be made on request. With attractive gardens for updating your social media stories and profile pictures, this heritage is a place you wouldn’t want to miss while counting your stay in Coonoor.

cottages in ooty for family stay



        Red Fort in Ooty is not any national building that’ll be prohibited for the common men but a heaven made especially for those who strive to explore the beauty of the valley and its corresponding fellow-mates. This place will make you feel that these mountains are calling you to spend time with. Around this Villa, you’ll always be pampered and given the role of a boss and will work for you even when you run out of orders or requests. Tired of your normal routine? You should really try reaching RED FORT as your escape plan. With nature speaking to you and your responsibilities kept down your shoulders, it’s time to have some ‘me=time’, which you truly deserve. Breathe in solace and serenity, as the wind sweeps the dust off your head and the birds sing you some welcoming notes and lullabies in the night. Trust us, we are here to offer you great food, view and quality time with everything. Visit the nearby lake and attractions as you cycle around the city and reach the mountain’s soul as you trek, but nevertheless, you’ll come back to RED FORT for the night.

Now, it’s obvious that this year is definitely the year of COTTAGES IN OOTY. Make a trip to Ooty and listen to the hill speaking as the scenery pleading you to spend some more time with it and the heavenly cottages that hypnotise you to stay for long. Ooty, the heaven is now the King of all the heavens that even God stays here on some occasions.

cottages in ooty



          A 100-year-old British era bungalow placed near the village, Majakombai, requiring a 23km drive from the ‘Queen of Hills’ is the perfect holiday destination for your weekends. Lush green tea estates, trees that sing a symphony and the breeze that seals the melody in your hearts can drive you to infinity and beyond. Home-cooked food, modern amenities and a sizzling environment can make your jaw-drop and carry bundles of memories for having a wonderful experience, as you leave home. For all of these, Teramia Pembroke Villa, Nilgiris, is the right decision to make. Start your journey!

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