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About Ecorganic Stays

Imagine living amidst the locals, experiencing their life, the nature’s bounties the way they do, waking up with the gushing sounds of the rivulets flowing by, having the bouncy leaves mesmerizing you all the time, while you can savour the taste of the local home-food grown by.

Ideally do nothing but laze or do everything that spurts up your adrenaline rush and makes you rage. Be one with nature, experience its chastity, live it raw but not without your luxury.

Poetic as it sounds every property experience with ecorganic stay is not a destination but an experience of the described above, each of our handpicked stay locations are distinct by its location, experiential amenities and incredulous activities that makes our property not just a stay but a vacation in itself.  

What to Expect at Ecorganic Stays

Culinary Delights

Each villa is assisted with private chefs to give an authentic taste of the local cuisines

Hand Picked Locations

We select the most sought-after locations which are touristy but away from its hustle bustle.

Accessibly Secluded

To bring you closer to the nature, each of our villas is located in secluded yet accessible areas

One With Nature

There is nothing that comes between you and the pristine nature, as every property is a blanketed with a green cover.

Offbeat Experiences

Be it adventure or a lazy getaway, every experience at ecorganic Stay is offbeat in itself.

Personalized Attention

We believe in individually connecting with our guests so as to comply with your travel needs and assist you with the best.

What is Exceptional

To experience the true essence of a destination you need to be in that kind of a location with the locals around to see and live their way. The handpicked locations of the properties in your favorite destinations don’t just make your stay at ecorganic stays experiential but exceptional too.

We strive to offer you the luxuries of a suite at the cost of a basic hotel room, with culinary experience that are so fresh and healthy that you wouldn’t want to go back home.

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Team Behind

With a dream to travel more and experience the most resulted in the birth of Ecorganic Stay defined to give you a raw experience of nature’s beauty without compromising on your luxury. We aim to create a novel category of luxury accommodation along with unprecedented level of service for discerning travelers through homeowners. The enterprise is led by a team of avid travelers exploring places to places with bespoke offerings so that your stay is truly remarkable in every way.We are a team of working professionals with a heart of a traveler to offer you individualized stays and services in carefully curated homes all around the world.

The Man Behind

Dr Dinesh Kumar Gunaserkaran


A pediatric anesthetist by profession and an explorer at heart. Loves traveling, loves adventures, a wildlife enthusiast, at peace with books and nature. Trekking, Rowing, Cycling, Horse riding and Off roading keep his adrenaline levels high! A strong believer of experiences is what makes you rich. Having people from around the world and being able to let them experience the local culture is the reason to why he was driven to start Ecorganic. What started as a passion initially has been turned into a responsibility where he aims to bring the possible change she could in the world of ecotourism, a single step at a time, along with bringing people as close to nature as they can get. Poetic as it sounds every property experience with Ecorganic stay is not a destination but an experience of the described above, each of our handpicked stay locations are  distinct by its location, experiential amenities and incredulous activities that makes our property not just a stay but a vacation in itself. 

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